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THOR 4 Dual 4G SmartWatch 5.0MP+5.0MP Dual Camera Android Watch 1.4″ AOMLED Display GPS/GLONASS 16GB Smart Watch Men



4G LTE, Worldwide Frequencies Support​​ THOR 4 Dual supports 5 network modes and 22 global bands, Global travel, only one smartwatch is enough. enjoy faster data transmission, lower consumption and more reliable connection from now.06

Global Positioning System

THOR 4 Dual supports two satellite positioning systems (GPS/GLONASS), Location can be recorded at any time regardless of business trip, travel or adventure. It can keep track.


Health & Fitness Companion

With GPS built-in, dynamic heart-rate monitoring, accelerometer, THOR 4 Dual equipped to accurately track your health and fitness progress.08


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