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  • The toothbrush is specially designed for someone who is looking for a more natural solution in their oral care routine
  • Ultra-soft bristles infused with charcoal and silver Ions which repels 99.9% bacteria growth
  • It has a tongue cleaner at the back of the head designed with grooves to help clean the tongue and protect against bad breath
  • Its 0.01mm slim tip tapered bristles gently massage gums and cleans in between teeth effectively and are soft so that they don’t hurt the gums.
  • The 3 angled neck helps to reach and clean back teeth effectively
  • Use twice a day for best results


New Pepsodent Charcoal Antibacterial Toothbrush has ultra-soft bristles that are now infused with charcoal and Silver Ions which repels 99.9% bacteria growth and its 0.01mm slim tip bristles to clean your mouth gentle and more hygienic clean. It comes with a 3-curved neck that suits the shape of your mouth, making it easier to reach deeper to clean all corners of the mouth giving you a more effective clean.



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