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  • The toothbrush is specially designed for someone who is looking for a more natural solution in their oral care routine
  • Bristles infused with the power of Himalayan rock salt that is known to be the purest salt on earth
  • It has a tongue cleaner at the back of the head designed with grooves to help clean the tongue and protect against bad breath
  • Its slim tip tapered bristles gently massage gums and cleans in between teeth effectively and are soft so that they don’t hurt the gums
  • Its 3 angled neck helps to reach and clean back teeth effectively
  • Use twice a day for best results


New Pepsodent Himalayan Rock salt Gentle cleanse Toothbrush Soft harnessing the power of Himalayan Rock Salt that is known to be the Purest Salt on earth in every brush. It is fused with soft tapered Bristles to clean your mouth effectively and gently. With every brush, the salt acts as a natural agent by neutralizing the bad mouth bacteria to naturally and gently clean your teeth and keep your gums away from bacteria.



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