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  • Effectively cleanses your skin while replenishing moisture deep down for beautiful conditioned skin
  • For moisturized & soft skin
  • Dove’s moisturizing facial foam that takes care of your skin every day
  • Enriched with NutriumMoisture™ Beauty Serum* to nourish your skin deeply**
  • With natural white floral fragrance, help you clean face in a pleasant mood
  • Suitable for normal, sensitive or dry skin


After washing face, skin feels soft and nourished – not tight or dry. Dove Beauty Moisture Facial Cleanser is a different type of cleanser. We don’t just take out. We put back nutrients and moisture with every wash. While cleansing, our NutriumMoisture™ Beauty Serum** sinks into the different levels of your skin to nourish it and replenish your skin natural moisture with every wash. This face wash leaves your skin, beautiful, supple and revived. Leads to soft, smooth, more comfortable skin with every wash – no more dryness and tightness. Flaunt radiant skin with this Dove Beauty Moisture Face Wash. The smoothening face wash doesn’t just retain the natural moisture of the skin but also put nutrients and moisture back into the skin making it soft and supple. Made from a range of quality ingredients like glycerin, water, and myristic acid, the gentle face wash cleanses and moisturizes skin. Get rid of dirt, germs and dead skin cells with this soothing face wash. Available in a 100 g & 50 g pack, this face wash is handy and can be easily carried in your bag. For a glowing look, use this face wash twice a day. Buy now!



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