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  • সতেজতায় ভরা চা, মন হয়ে যায় তাজা / When life asks for more, all you need is a little Taaza
  • Special double chamber flow-through teabag that provides a cup of tea with exceptional colour and taste
  • Taaza has high quality fresh green leaves packed with the natural goodness of theanine
  • Theanine is one of the best known sources of refreshment that clears your mind instantly
  • Gives a sweet liquor with brilliant colour and aroma
  • Brings in the world famous tea blending expertise and heritage of the Brooke Bond House


Taaza Tea bags are made of high quality food grade filter paper and uses food grade strings and thread. Finally, to ensure that the tea remains fresh, 2 layers of protective barriers are used to keep moisture out. The tea used is a perfect blend to give an uplifting cup of tea. Taaza’s special double chamber flow-through teabag provides a cup of tea with exceptional colour and taste. Consumers now have the option to customize their own cup of tea, the way they like it — light, regular or strong.


Brooke Bond Taaza

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